Thursday, 28 April 2011

Philosopher Faces: What Non-Philosophers See

Despite the caffeine I've consumed today, I have not been very clear-thinking (there was a brief window of thought-clarity this morning, but it was taken up by work at my real job), so I drew a graph of philosopher-faces for the post. This is an extremely accurate* picture of what we non-philosophers see on our philosopher's faces when they are in different mood-states.

The colors don't mean anything. I just like colors.

*By "extremely accurate" I mean, of course, my philosopher's facial expressions look like this. Yours may be different. As a note, though, I think that we non-philosophers  all might agree on the angry, philosopher-attack, and thinking faces.

I'm stewing over a philosophy lesson for tomorrow, so there may be a long post tomorrow, sleepiness permitting.

P.S. I'm working at a philosophy conference this weekend/early next week, so I will be documenting all of the strange things I see/hear. That should be "fun" for all of us.

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~The Philosiologist~


  1. Hungry is, of course, the most expressive :)

  2. Accurate indeed. And it takes quite a while to resist that "are you ok?" urge...

  3. But how do you know their mood state ?

  4. Clearly Jerry is content:

  5. A face that my philosopartner spawns from time to time: head cocked to the side with a <: / or |: / face when she's considering "How do I tell you yer wrong in a way that doesn't require you to have a PhD?" There's also, the "how come I didn't think of that" face; something along the lines of |: | or >: |

  6. My admittedly fairly limited experience with philosophers suggests to me that this would indeed vary a lot. I particularly like listening to my philosopher friends talk about their professors. At least two of them sound quite expressive.

    On the other hand, I've always thought it kind of funny that one of the only philosophy faculty I know at our school has a lot of the same mannerisms as my philosopher.

  7. I think this sketch is going to be instructive to other philosophers, as well as to people who are close to a philosopher. I make the "intense-thinking" face all the time and different professors, on different occasions, told me that I shouldn't be so upset -- and I wasn't: I was just thinking about something really difficult.

    Thanks, again, for a great post!

  8. Both of us got quite a kick out of your pictures. He is the philosopher and I the non-philosopher -- but my philosopher will smile and laugh, sometimes with much energy. But when I mentioned this, he says "no, no, I'm way to dower to laugh or even smile." :D

  9. I have to say I'm looking forward to your reflections on the conference!

    Jon (a philosopher)